Should You Remove Window Screens for the Winter?

removing window screens winter

Over the last couple of days, we’ve experienced quite the chill in Central Oregon. While the temperatures have been in the 50s, that biting wind chill has us thinking ahead to winter. We’re often asked if window screens should be removed for winter. Consider these factors in making the decision to remove window screens for the winter as part of your regular home maintenance.

Benefits of Removing Window Screens for Winter

Before the Central Oregon winter sets in, it’s important to remove screens and clean the exterior of your window sills. After hosing off or vacuuming screens and inspecting them for damage, you may consider storing them for the winter. A few of the benefits of removing window screens for the winter include:

How to Store Window Screens

One reason not to store window screens would be if you’re someone who likes a cool breeze in your bedroom, for example. While you can still open windows with or without the screen, they may prevent snow from coming inside your home and prevent debris falling from trees from entering, as well.

Great Northern Window and Door recommends removing and storing window screens for the winter for the energy and heating savings, in addition to preventing damage to window frames and sills. Clean screens and once they have dried, use masking tape and a marker label each screen with the corresponding window. This will save guess and check time when it comes time to reinstall them. Store window screens in a safe place with low foot traffic, be in the garage, attic or basement.

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