Are Single or Double Hung Windows the Way to Go?

single or double hung windows

Are you considering replacing windows in your home? Or are you building a home and debating what kind of windows would work best? While there are many different types of windows, single or double hung windows are common style choices and have many advantages. When deciding between single or double hung windows, consider these factors.

The Difference Between Single and Double Hung Windows

In single hung windows, the bottom sash, or panel, moves vertically, while the upper panel stays stationary. When a single hung window is open, the upper sash is at least partially obstructed by the bottom sash.

Double hung windows give homeowners the ability to open each sash, rather than just the bottom. In double hung windows, you can open and tilt each sash. This allows for better ventilation, as well as ease of cleaning.

Choosing Between Single or Double Hung Windows

Now that you know the main difference between single and double hung windows, it’s time to choose, but how?

Advantages of Single Hung Windows

Advantages of Double Hung Windows

While double hung windows may tend to be more expensive when it comes to initial cost, their advantages more than makeup for the higher price tag. The security and maintenance features of double hung windows may end up saving you greatly in the long run. Contact Great Northern Window and Door for more information about installing double hung windows in your home.

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