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Cascade Windows manufactures high quality vinyl windows and sliding glass doors.  Each order is customized to your needs, and delivered at an affordable price.



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Cascade Windows takes pride in their product having superior performance, value and style.  The design of each product is intelligent and functional.  There are many distinctive styles available to meet and maintain the consistent look of your home.  You can even mix and match different architectural styles and still have consistent structural integrity.

Keep your energy costs down, and assure year-round comfort with Cascade Windows energy efficient products.  All the components of energy efficiency are included in the manufacturing.  This includes insulated glass panels with warm edge spacers and dual weather stripping.  These each contribute to year round comfort and energy savings.

Innovative and energy efficient windows can begin to pay for themselves as soon as they are installed. Cascade windows offers Low-E Glass, and insulating argon gas which forms an invisible layer of insulation between glass panes.  All products may be ordered to meet or exceed Energy Star requirements.

In Summertime, Low-E Glass reduces your cooling bills by blocking the suns radiant heat from entering your home.

Low E glass blocks the suns rays

In Wintertime, Low-E Glass reduces your heating bills by allowing the sun’s solar heat to enter your home and keeps the heat from escaping.

Low E solar

Energy efficiency is key to saving money and to protect our environment.  All Cascade Windows products can be made to exceed or meet Energy Star requirements.  Energy Star ® is a program developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1992.  It is used to identify and promote products that are energy efficient.

At Great Northern Window and Door we pride ourselves in assisting our customers to reach energy efficiency in their homes and businesses.  Our knowledge can help you save money on energy bills, get energy rebates, and upgrade the look of your home.  New windows and doors can bring change overnight, bringing out the beauty and comfort of your home.

We are always here to help you choose which style and product are right for you.  Contact a Great Northern Window and Door window specialist soon to get started.  Estimates are Free!

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