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Door Service/Repair

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Sometimes your door is in fine shape, but the door sweep or bottom isn’t performing like it used to.  If drafts or moisture are making their way into your home, you know it’s time for Door Service and Repair.  Sometimes all you need is to replace the gasket, weather stripping, or door sweep to maximize the energy efficiency of your door.  There is also a jumbo weather stripping option to help keep out the cold. If any of these door service and repair options can be done, you know you’re saving time and money.Door Service and Repair


Sliding glass doors can have their own set of issues, like broken seal in the glass unit, or broken hardware.  Many times older sliding glass doors will lose function due to the track or rollers.  Both of these can be replaced to make your sliding glass door operate like new. Depending on the frame material, many times the glass unit itself can be replaced without replacing the whole door.  Your Great Northern trusted advisor will be able to tell you what needs to be done.

Great Northern has the knowledge and expertise to repair and service most major brand name exterior doors.  Contact us to schedule your door service and repair.




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