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Repairing, replacing or installing new windows or doors in a home can be a big investment for your family.

You should begin thinking about your project in advance and establish your budget before beginning. We can provide complimentary estimates regarding how much your project might cost and your options to consider in advance. Exact estimates will depend on which series you go with, how many windows or doors you’ll need and the existing conditions of your doors or windows.

Speak to your Great Northern Trusted Advisor about our financing options.

We have options like one-year same as cash loans, or reduced interest loans for up to 5 years.  Start your project today with no additional expenses or surprises.  Problem solved.

If you’re considering credit, home equity lines of credit are good resources for these types of projects. The interest on home equity lines of credit is also tax-deductible. Many bank websites include helpful calculators to help you figure out what your payments would be.


To get a better idea for your project budget, contact a Great Northern Trusted Advisor today. We’re always available to help. | 541-382-9615