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AAMA Certified Window And Door Installation Found Here

This week we sent our installers Don, Joe, and Clint to get training and certification by Installation Masters, a development of AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturer’s association).

InstallationMasters™ was offering a training and certification program in Portland, so we wasted no time getting them over there. Installation Masters teaches installers the fundamentals about the best and most important window and door installation practices. More specifically, Installation Masters is a nationwide training and certification program for new construction and replacement installers in residential and light commercial markets.

Installation Masters was prompted by the Building Environment and Thermal Envelope Council (BETEC) through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and development by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).
The program is designed to teach installers the best practices, and window and door installation techniques based on established industry standards.

It provides an assurance that the installer has been trained and has passed the written test. The installers then determine how to apply this knowledge in the field.

Certified Window And Door Installation

American Architectural Manufacturers Association began training (and cert program) for Residential and light commercial window and door installation in January 2000. Certification candidates must have window and door installation experience to qualify to attend the class and take the examination. Then they must get above 70% to become certified.

The certification is good for 4 years and they become listed on the installation Masters website under certified installers (
Great Northern Window and Door has more certified installers than any other company in the central Oregon area.

Certified Window And Door Installation

“We are willing to invest in our employee’s training”, said Dylan Aune, owner of Great Northern. “Understanding codes, standards, and specifications is of the utmost importance to us.”

“As a result we will help avoid air or water infiltration, condensation and sound resistance, as well as damage due to improper handling and storage, while at the same time improving product operation.”

Being an installation masters certified installer means that candidates have passed an examination demonstrating their knowledge of the industry’s best installation practices.

A few of the many benefits are fewer call backs due to poor window and door installation, less long-term liability due to water intrusion, improved energy efficiency, and improved owner satisfaction. That sounds great to us!

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