Accentuate Your View With Bay Windows

No matter the architectural style, bay windows bend or can add charm and value to your home.

Give your view a sweet elegance dressed up with fancy window coverings and comfy seating. Master bedrooms or living rooms highly benefit when adding a bay window.

Some homeowners prefer to take advantage of the bay window space to display plants. This is especially beneficial if the home doesn’t have a lot of natural light elsewhere in the home. The abundance of light and ventilation creates the perfect space for plants, trees, herbs, and flowers.

Bay windows bend or are usually made up of 3 windows, that ‘bow’ out from the house, although there are many quantity and combinations to make up a bay window.  This can be either in a circular shape or with angular corners.  The extension from the home can be dramatic, bringing in additional light, and creating more spacious feeling inside the house.

In most cases, the middle window remains fixed, while the 2 outside windows can be set with casement, or double-hung windows.  These depend on personal preference, the space outside the bay window (where a double-hung doesn’t open out creating an obstruction), and home architectural style.

It is fairly common for homeowners to take out existing large windows, and replace the whole area with a bay window.

Where there is a nice view, or just for the additional natural light, a bay window can make a dramatic change to the ambiance of the home.  Sometimes bay windows bend or are added to increase the value of the home.

Bay windows can be installed anywhere in the home, and can be made to replace existing windows or doors.  The added value to the home is quite substantial, plus the addition of a reading nook, dining area, or an indoor garden add to quality of life.

Homeowners with the advantage of a magnificent view are the best candidates for adding bay windows bend or.  Not only does it accentuate the view, but also is inviting for guests to stay a little longer and enjoy the view.

Contact a Great Northern Trusted Advisor if you are looking to add a bay window to your home!  We can match your home’s architectural style, help you choose the right frame material, or just help you create your own unique bay window!