Benefits of Custom Skylights in Your Home

Natural light brings us many benefits. By adding custom skylights to your home, you can enjoy the efficiency and benefits of natural light all year long. Custom skylights can illuminate dark spaces, save money on your electric bill and add life to small spaces.

Five Advantages of Custom Skylights

Natural Light – Sunlight represents the full spectrum of light and is better for our eyes, bodies and minds compared to fluorescent or artificial light from bulbs or tubes. Custom skylights allow five times more natural light in than a typical wall window of the same size, maximizing the benefits of sunlight in the home.

Visual Connection to Outside – From an aesthetic standpoint, custom skylights help create a visual connection with the outside world. Imagine looking up and seeing tree branches in bloom, stunning cloud formations, a snowy landscape or the celestial starscape of the night sky. By installing custom skylights you connect the inside and outside in a natural aesthetic way.

Save Money – Custom skylights help reduce lighting and energy costs, which saves you money each month. Skylights have become a regular installation in green homes. By venting skylight windows it also saves money on the use of air conditioning in warmer months. Custom skylights help lower your energy bills and if you install Energy Star qualified products you could take advantage of tax credits and advantages.

Energy Efficiency – Skylights naturally cut down on the need for electrical lighting and on earth’s emissions. By illuminating your home with natural light from a skylight you’re reducing energy consumption and the demand for unsustainable power. Solar energy is a sustainable resource without limits. Sunlight doesn’t require transportation like electrical energy and doesn’t produce harmful emissions.

Privacy – While installing windows for privacy doesn’t exactly sound logical, creating custom skylights to illuminate spaces is a great alternative when lighting and privacy matter. From homes that are close together to bathrooms where privacy is of the utmost importance, custom skylights can provide natural light from above.

There are many advantages to installing custom skylights in your home. From the sustainable and energy saving benefits to the abundance of sunlight that is good for the body and mind, skylights are an excellent way to illuminate your home naturally.

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