Benefits of Installing Storm Doors in Bend, Oregon

The leaves started to fall and the autumn air continues to get crisper by the day. If you’ve felt a draft in your home now that the cool air has moved into our mountain town, odds are you could benefit from installing new storm doors in Bend, Oregon. Once you read about the benefits of installing storm doors in Bend, Oregon, you’ll be eager to check out the selection at Great Northern Window and Door.

What is a Storm Door?

Storm doors go on the outside of exterior doors that lead into your home, such as the entry door and back doors. These doors create a barrier to weather and Storm door windows can often be replaced with screens in the summer, which allows for better airflow in your home.

Advantages to Installing Storm Doors in Bend, Oregon

Energy Savings

One of the most enticing benefits to installing storm doors in Bend, Oregon, comes in the energy savings. Storm doors help reduce the effect of potential air leaks from the entry door. Additionally, storm doors help reduce heat conduction through the entry door by creating an insulation layer of air between the doors. By installing storm doors in Bend, Oregon, you can help block the cold weather from getting inside, which helps save on heating and energy costs.


By installing storm doors in Bend, Oregon, you can create an additional barrier of security for your home. Storm doors include a locking mechanism, which places two secure doors between your family and unwanted visitors. This same theory applies to back doors, as well. Help protect your family and your home with extra security barriers at every exterior entry door.

Exterior Door Protection

Your exterior entry doors provide the first line of security for your home, which makes protecting them important. With aesthetic features, such a windows, stains and paints, it’s important to protect your investment. By installing storm doors in Bend, Oregon, you help protect your exterior doors from wind-blown debris and elements of the weather. This can help reduce maintenance costs and expand the lifespan of your exterior doors.

Installing storm doors in Bend, Oregon, provides your home with an additional measure of security, increases energy efficiency and protects your exterior doors. Contact Great Northern Window and Door for more information about our selection of storm doors. Now is the time to install storm doors in Bend, Oregon, before the heavy winter sets in.