Bring Life Into Your Kitchen With a Garden Window

Garden windows are a great way to bring natural light, life and color into your kitchen. Whether you’re a master gardener with a thumb so green it’s about to sprout leaves or you’re new to the herb garden game and want to start small, garden windows provide the perfect space to bring plant life into your home.

Benefits to Adding A Garden Window to Your Kitchen

As far as home improvements go, adding a garden window is lower on the range of cost and pays enthusiastically in benefits, including:

  • Garden windows include four panes of glass, which do a great job letting light into your kitchen. Natural light has many benefits of it’s own.
  • Provides plants with light from  three sides and from above, giving them adequate sun exposure
  • Side vents provide ventilation for your plants (*Depending on the window you choose)
  • Acts like a greenhouse within your home
  • Perfect for homes without big backyards and room to grow plants in the ground
  • Garden windows slide open to allow the breeze to come in
  • Provides a great view of your yard with peripheral viewing
  • Growing an herb garden in your kitchen makes it easy to enhance your culinary dishes
  • Can be used as a decorative shelf for trinkets other than plants, it’s up to you!

Adding a garden window to your kitchen will brighten up your home with natural sunlight and the delightful smell of herbs like basil growing inside. Garden windows add a tasteful and decorative touch to any home and make indoor gardening more convenient for homeowners without large backyards. In addition to having the space, a smaller window garden is less of a time commitment than a large outdoor garden, which depending on your availability and interest may be a good thing.

Learn more about adding a garden window to your home at Great Northern Window and Door in Bend, Oregon.