Buying Guide 2020: Entry Doors

As swinter approaches, it’s time to start thinking about purchasing new entry doors Bend OR. The ice and snow that’s overtaken Central Oregon roads, driveways and rooftops will start to melt away and preparing for spring cleaning and a refreshed look to the exterior of your home crawl up your list of priorities. Choosing the perfect entry doors Bend OR involves a variety of factors. Before diving into your search, take a look at Great Northern Window and Door’s Buying Guide for 2016.

Entry Doors Bend Oregon

Entry doors Bend OR hold a great deal of importance. Entry doors command the most attention from a street view and are the first threshold of safety for you and your family.


Unless you have a hollow door, it’s usually not the door itself that lets burglars and home invaders inside. Battering ram tests show little difference in door strength among materials, but rather weakness because of faulty doorjambs and lock strike plates. Choose entry doors Bend OR with strong locks and strike plates to increase a door’s kick-in resistance and enhance your home security.


Great Northern Window and Door has a staff of trained installers who can tackle any door project. As the focal point of the front of your home, it’s important to have entry doors Bend OR properly installed for safety, energy efficiency and to ensure everyone is up to date on rules, regulations and codes. As a barrier to outside weather, we don’t cut corners during the installation process.

Energy Efficiency

Choosing new entry doors Bend OR can improve your home’s energy efficiency. Proper installation ensures you receive the energy saving properties that a new door promises. Great Northern Window and Door features new entry doors Bend OR with Energy Star certifications. Heat and energy are generally lost through air leaks around the door and not through the door itself, which means installation services are key to energy efficiency.


Great Northern proudly sells entry doors Bend OR from manufacturers including Milgard, Therma-Tru Doors and Simpson Doors. We can help recommend a fiberglass, steel or wood door to perfectly match your needs both in function and aesthetic. Each type of door has specific benefits.

As spring approaches, prepare for new entry doors Bend OR. Contact Great Northern for more information on the types of doors we have available and view options in our showroom.