Common Reasons for Door Repair in Central Oregon

Most often, the doors in our homes and businesses don’t need to be replaced. Door repair is common and when you choose a company like Great Northern Window and Door to fix your problems, solutions come easy. Our knowledgeable and professional installers can come evaluate the necessary door repairs.

What types of problems necessitate door repair?


One of the biggest problems homeowners have when it comes to door repair is dents. Steel entry doors can dent for a number of reasons. While you could try to use some kind of filler and make the door repair yourself, repairing dents is a job best left to professionals.

Air Leaks

It’s important to stop air leaks as soon as possible in order to save energy as well as money. Warm air escaping through doors and cold air leaving in the summer means higher energy costs when using heating and air conditioning to achieve the perfect temperature in your home. What could be at the root of your air leaks?

  • You need new weather stripping or an adjustment
  • There are missing or damaged parts
  • Doors with loose hinges could be leaking moisture
Operational Challenges

Sometimes your door isn’t operating like it used to and you’re not sure why. Exterior doors are subject to heavy foot traffic as well as changing weather, especially in Central Oregon. Sometimes door repairs include adjusting the size of the door to stop it from sticking in the entry way. Adjustments to hinges, door edges and weather stripping can be done to improve door functionality and operation.

Great Northern Window and Door employs the most knowledgeable door installers and repairers in Central Oregon. We will come to your home or business to repair and service your exterior doors on the spot. We can also provide a free estimate on the cost of replacement parts and services. When you need door repair in Central Oregon, contact Great Northern Window and Door.