Decorating Windows and Doors for the Holidays

December is the one time of year we all pull the curtains that adorn our windows back and let the holiday spirit shine out. Unless the layout of your living room doesn’t allow it, nearly everyone places their Christmas tree in front of the largest window to show off their beautiful decorations. At Great Northern Window and Door, we love seeing how people decorate the windows and doors we’ve installed for them over the years.

Decorating windows and doors for the holidays show personalization, holiday cheer and pride in your display. From Christmas lights to garland and wreaths to an inflatable Darth Vader holding a Christmas present, there are infinite ways to decorate windows and doors for the holidays.

Decorating Windows and Doors with Lights

Whether you’re someone who prefers the icicle lights of the early 2000s, or the tried and true classic of simple white lights wrapped elegantly around your windows and doors, Christmas lights are the most common and easiest to customize. Keep these tips in mind when decorating windows and doors for the holidays with Christmas lights.

Decorating Tips
  • Always use a sturdy and safe ladder when decorating windows and doors for the holidays
  • Check to make sure all of the lights in the strand are working before you get up on the ladder and install them
  • Save energy by turning lights off when you’re not home or after you’ve gone to bed
  • Secure lights with insulated holders instead of nails or staples. This will help protect the integrity of the window frames
  • Get creative! Don’t feel like you have to stick to the same old colors or stick along the defined edges of windows and doors. Create your own tree, ornament or snowman out of lights

Decorating windows and doors for the holidays can be a fun activity for the entire family. Don’t limit yourself to outdoor Christmas light displays. Use vinyl decals on indoor windows. Have the kids help create wreaths to place on doors. Throw another log on the fire, heat up some apple cider and create fun Christmas memories with the entire family while decorating windows and doors for the holidays.