Don’t Fear Cold Weather Window Replacement

Many homeowners fear cold weather window replacement for several common reasons. First, they fear with cold weather window replacement that too much cold air will get in the house. Second, they fear they will get poor installation, which will negatively affect the windows and energy use down the road. While installation time may take a bit longer in the winter, there’s no reason to be scared of cold weather window replacement.

Cold Weather Window Replacement Information

  • Installation can take a bit longer because installers have to take the time to put a plastic tent around the opening to seal out cold air
  • The opening will only be exposed to the elements for 20-60 minutes
  • New products are already prepped for installation, which means the process goes quickly
  • After cleaning and any alterations are done the window is placed in the opening, leveled and secured
  • If multiple windows are involved, installation is done one at a time to reduce energy loss. This differs from the summer because multiple windows can be taken down at once during warmer temperatures
  • Trusted advisors from Great Northern Window and Door can come out to your home for an estimate and to explain the cold weather window replacement process

When you choose a professional and experienced cold weather window replacement installer, it doesn’t matter what time of the year the work is done. Precautions are taken to ensure windows are installed properly and minimal heat and energy is lost during the process. Waiting for better weather, especially in Central Oregon, could result in lost efficiency and increased energy bills.

Don’t wait for summer, cold weather window replacement is often necessary. Contact the trusted advisors at Great Northern Window and Door for more information about cold weather window replacement. We can help you choose the right windows to suit your specific home improvement needs.