Don’t Let Choosing Window Panes Be a Pain

Whether building a new home or office building or replacing the windows in your current structure, choosing the number of window panes shouldn’t be a pain. Under the popular belief that more is better, it’s easy to assume that triple pane windows would be better than double, and double better than single. There are pros and cons to each type of window pane. Great Northern Window and Door offers professional assistance in choosing the best window panes for your budget, style and needs.

Triple Window Panes

Triple panes mean lower energy bills. Why? Three panes of glass provide an extra level of protection from air escaping through your windows. With less cold air escaping in the summer and hot air in the winter, you’ll save money on energy bills compared to less efficient options. Three layers of glass reflect infrared heat before it leaves your house, making sure the heat stays in your home in the winter and out in the summer. The more window panes available to reflect heat, the more money and energy you’ll save.

Triple pane windows should be considered in areas of high traffic due to their noise reduction properties. Just like energy coming and going, sound waves have the same number of window panes to go through to enter and leave your home. If noise is a concern, triple pane windows will be worth the extra cost.

Double Window Panes

Double window panes perform well in warm and cold climates and are the most popular option for residential use. While not as energy efficient as triple pane windows, if you’re on a budget and don’t want the heft, double pane windows will still be a great option. Double pane windows do a great job insulating a home from outside noise. Triple pane windows are heavier and require a stronger frame, which double pane windows do not.

Single Pane Windows

If three is better than two and two is better than one, then what advantages do single pane windows have? Single pane windows offer the least amount of insulation, but a well-insulated single pane window can be adequate in some climates that are relatively mild all year long. Homes that rarely use heat or air conditioning may be viable contenders for single pane windows, but due to extreme Central Oregon weather they aren’t usually advised here.

Great Northern Window and Door knows window panes. When you need new windows for your home or business, contact Great Northern Window and Door and we’ll work with you to choose the right number of window panes for your needs and budget.