Door Repair or Door Replacement? We’ll Help You Decide

Do you need door repair, or should it be replaced altogether? No matter the condition of your door in question, Great Northern Window and Door can help you decide whether full door replacement or door repair would be best for your particular situation. Great Northern Window and Door offers free in-home consultations, which gives you the advantage of having a door professional out to your home to see the problem in person.

When should you get door repair?

Not all door problems call for replacement. Often times consulting a door professional at Great Northern Window and Door will alleviate the situation. A few instances where door repair would be necessary over replacement would be:

  • Panels in a glass door can easily be repaired and replaced without having to completely get a new door
  • Door hardware can be replaced and upgraded
  • Door frame repair including the trim and jamb
  • Rot damage replacement
  • Threshold repair
  • New weather stripping

When your doors are drafty or leaking moisture, when your patio door or front door isn’t functioning as it’s supposed to, it’s time to call Great Northern Window and Door for door repair in Bend, Oregon.

When should you get a door replacement?

Sometimes a door just can’t be salvaged. Or maybe you want to improve the curb appeal of your home with an attractive new front door, improve the safety of your home or enhance your home’s architectural style. From fiberglass and wooden entry doors to sliding glass doors and pet doors, Great Northern Window and Door has a variety of replacement doors, many with lifetime warranties, that are right for your home.

For more information about door repair and replacement in Bend, Oregon, contact Great Northern Window and Door. At Great Northern, we come to your home or business and repair or service your exterior door on the spot, or give you a free estimate on the cost of your replacement parts and service.