Enhance Your New Home with Sliding Glass Doors

Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about and having sliding glass doors installed. Sliding glass doors enhance the value of homes, whether replacing your current or if you’re a new home builder in Central Oregon looking for stylish patio doors that operate easily for your latest development community.

Why Choose Milgard Sliding Glass Doors?

When it comes to sliding glass doors, you don’t want just any door. Great Northern Window and Door offers Milgard’s wide spectrum of sliding glass doors for home patios. Whether coming off of the kitchen, living room or bedroom, Milgard’s sliding glass doors are custom made to your order, which gives you the freedom to explore the facets of your home decor desires.

  • Available in wood, vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum
  • Custom made to your order
  • Industry-leading full lifetime warranty including parts and labor
  • Many sliding glass doors include Glass Breakage Coverage
  • SmartTouch window lock, door handle and bolt lock available to ensure that when your window is closed, it’s locked

Great Northern trusts Milgard for their line of sliding glass doors because they don’t leave the quality of their products to chance. Milgard uses the finest materials, produces their own frame and sash components here in the Pacific Northwest and offers an unsurpassed warranty on all of their products.

Enhance your home with sliding glass doors from Milgard and Great Northern Window and Door. Tweak the size, add a distinctive grid configuration, integrate pet doors and create a one-of-a-kind patio entrance.

Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors

  • A great way to move larger objects in and out of your home
  • Bring in extra natural light, which frees up some of the energy bill and makes the home more inviting
  • Similar to mirrors, sliding glass doors create the illusion of more space
  • Enhance the visual appeal of the room
  • Keep an eye on the kids playing in the yard

Protect your home from the elements and enhance the aesthetic appeal with new sliding glass doors from Milgard and Great Northern Window and Door. Contact Great Northern for more information about designing and installing sliding glass doors before the summer season.