French Doors vs Sliding Glass Doors | The Eternal Debate

French doors or sliding glass doors? That’s the question on the mind of homeowners and builders debating which is better, or at least better for their specific tastes and style. Both French doors and sliding glass doors have their advantages. It’s important to be well educated on both before making a decision when remodeling or building your home.

French Doors

As opposed to sliding glass doors, which, as the name implies, slide open, French doors open and close like regular doors on hinges. Many homeowners use one of the doors as the active door and the other locks in place as the passive side. There are many advantages to French doors, including:

  • When both panels are fully open you can take advantage of the very wide opening, which comes in handy when moving large furniture and objects in and out
  • The threshold sits at a lower level because there is no track for the doors to slide on, which avoids having it to step over
  • Many French doors have a multi-point locking system, which have improved security
  • French doors add style and elegance to any home
  • Opening up French doors gives access to both the home and the patio area, which is great for entertaining and family gatherings

French doors help increase the value of your home by bringing in more natural light, providing easy access and enhancing home style.

Sliding Glass Doors

If you’re limited on space, sliding glass doors are a great space saving option. French doors require clearance for the doors to open inside your home, which isn’t always available in smaller homes. The other advantages of sliding glass doors include:

  • Easy to adjust when the house foundation experiences shifting
  • Offer a more contemporary look, versus the classic look of French doors, so in modern-themed homes sliding glass doors may be a better style choice
  • Sliding glass doors also have an improved multipoint locking system that is more secure than they have been in the past
  • These doors let in an abundance of uninterrupted light, brightening your living spaces

At Great Northern Window and Door, we’re always happy to explain the differences and advantages of French doors and sliding glass doors. If you’re debating between French and sliding glass doors, call Great Northern and we can help you in making a choice in this eternal debate.