Beauty Installed. Problem Solved

It’s Our Tradition

For years it’s been our company tradition to spread a bit of Holiday magic by professionally installing exterior Holiday lights. Save time for the family and let us make your home look great. Your neighbors will thank you.

At Great Northern Window and Door, our team of professionals does a lot more than put up your old Christmas lights. As a company that’s dedicated to enhancing the appearance of your home, we’re proud to take care of all of your holiday lighting needs from the first step to the last.

Our all-inclusive holiday lighting installation process works like this:

  • We meet with you to discuss your schedule, budget, and design options.
  • We gather the best products and decorations on the market.
  • We efficiently install all of your holiday lights and make sure they look just right.
  • We provide maintenance as needed throughout the holiday season.
  • We take down your decorations and store them safely in our own facility.

Not only does our Great Northern Window and Door team provide you with all of the decorations, installation, and storage, but we also offer an exclusive three-year warranty at no additional charge. Once you turn to us for your home holiday lighting installation services, you’ll realize the joy and convenience of keeping your ladder inside and staying warm while we do all of the work for you.