How to Choose Screen Doors in Central Oregon

Though one of the last decisions to be made in the entry door decision making process, choosing a screen door is an important step. In Central Oregon, a four-season climate dictates the needs of residents for a screen door, which can often be combined with a storm door for use throughout the entire year. With different mesh materials, sizes and finenesses, how do you choose screen doors in Central Oregon? Don’t worry, at Great Northern Window and Door, we’re here to help.

Choosing Screen Doors

Screen doors are a necessary addition to your entry door set up as they have many advantages, from keeping bugs out to letting cool air in to improving indoor air quality. Adding a new screen door to your home improves ventilation by letting natural fresh air flow into your home and allowing indoor pollutants to flow out. But what factors should you consider when choosing a new screen door?

Door Types

Typically, there are three types of screen doors – hinged, retractable and sliding, the later of which isn’t usually used on screen doors. Generally, all of these door types come with an aluminum frame. Where type really comes into play is in choosing whether you want the screen to cover the whole door or only section, which allows for a reinforced aluminum kick panel. The screen door frames themselves are available in a variety of color, which makes customizing your home simple.

Mesh Options

Mesh is one of the biggest decisions when it comes to selecting your new screen door. Each type of mesh has isn’t strengths and works for general insect screening, children and pet safety, protection from the sun’s heat and UV rays and home ventilation. Choosing a stainless steel screen provides superior protection from insects and you won’t have to worry about kids or pets breaking through.

Standard fiberglass mesh provides excellent viewing and appearance. Fiberglass mesh is an affordable option that doesn’t easily dent.

Solar screen fiberglass mesh offers more than 60% protection from the sun’s UV rays and heat. Installing screen doors with this type of mesh can protect your carpets from fading and reduce energy bills.

Vinyl coated polyester mesh screens are typically stronger than standard fiberglass screens, which makes them great for use as pet screens. These mesh screens typically come in black or white.

When it comes to choosing screen doors in Central Oregon, you have to decide what’s most important to you. Keeping out bugs and allergens like pollen? Home ventilation? A guard for pets and kids? Depending on the type of screen door you want installed, choosing a door with the right kind of mesh for your desired application is where you will want to spend your decision making energy.

Great Northern Window and Door offers many options for storm and screen doors. Contact us for more information about choosing your new screen door. Next month we’ll look into the benefits or storm doors in Central Oregon.