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How To Protect Your Home During The Rainy Season


The fall season is here and it arrived with unusually heavy rains and strong winds.  Central Oregon isn’t accustomed to this much rain and neither are our windows and doors; here are some simple suggestions to help protect your home.

  1. Clean those gutters.

Such a simple solution that’s really easy to keep putting off.  But don’t, with the recent winds your gutters have most likely collected plenty of pine needles, leaves and other debris.  This can block the drain spout leading to sitting water.  That can lead to damage to your roof, siding and if put off long enough damage around the windows, sills and even potentially mold.

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  1. Check your Roof.

The recent wind and rain would certainly have affected a roof with loose or missing shingles which could lead to water penetration and damage.  If you have trees with needles or leaves around your home; this can build up on your roof, potentially leading to degradation, moisture, mold or rot.  We can also help you with this.

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  1. Check your Windows & Doors.

By that we mean contact us today for your FREE QUOTE.  We’re the experts in windows and doors!  Cracked panes, broken seals, windows not closing correctly or even broken cranks all lead to extra costs in heating and lowers your homes energy efficiency.  Not to mention diminishes your home security.  Let us take a look and see what we can do to help make your home more efficient and safe.   Email us today at or call 541-382-9615.