Increase Energy Performance by Replacing Commercial Windows

Replacing commercial windows may be the solution to your skyrocketing winter energy bills. January in Central Oregon is cold, there’s no denying that. With highs just barely reaching freezing the past couple weeks, it’s only natural that we’ve been thinking of ways to save the heat we have inside our businesses. With all of the other business expenses you have, it doesn’t make sense to have dollars leaking out of your windows. Replacing commercial windows will save your business money and increase your energy performance.

When Should You Replace Commercial Windows?

Do you have cracked window panes? Cracked panes in commercial windows shouldn’t be ignored. Commercial windows that are cracked or broken should be replaced immediately to cut down on wasted energy.

Are your commercial windows single pane? Businesses should consider replacing single pane windows with double or triple pane windows that have low-E glass. Low-E coatings on glass minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that passes through windows without compromising the amount of visible light transmitted. These types of windows help reduce heat lost during the cold winter months, which in turn saves on energy costs.

Double and triple pane windows themselves provide an additional layer of insulation that heat must penetrate before leaving your business. This additional layer prevents heat lost through windows.

Are your window panes in good shape, but you’re still experiencing high energy costs? Consider only replacing the glass within your windows. Replacing commercial windows with low-E coated glass increases the energy performance of your windows and decreases your bill. Replacing commercial windows with low-E glass also prevents harmful UV rays from entering your business.

Have additional questions about when and why you should replace commercial windows? Contact Great Northern Window and Door for more information about how replacing commercial windows can improve your energy performance and stop your hard earned dollars from escape out your windows along with your heat.