Is A Home Remodel In Your Future?

A complete home remodel can be pricey, but if you take the time to choose quality materials and nix details that aren’t important to the overall functionality of the home, you can come out on top.

It really pays off to spend the money on materials that will save on energy bills in the long run.  For example spray-on insulation, energy efficient roof material, and radiant heated, warm board floors are good ideas for an eco-friendly home remodel.

Home Remodel - Natural Elements

One goal of home remodel, is enlarging existing living areas, and maximizing utility.

Home Remodel - MGWIn some cases, you can combine existing rooms, and eliminate others, and double the size of rooms that are used the most.  Just adding natural elements and textures can change the ambiance completely. In your home remodel, adding large windows and glass doors can bring the outdoors in, and let in natural light.

Many people like to use and enhance existing elements, repurpose and reclaim old wood beams, unique aspects that show character.  Some items can be sourced from auctions, lumber yard overstock, showroom samples and estate sales.  They not only make it a unique place to live, but also build on the original and bring a whole new level of modern living to the home!

Before adding on to your home, consider ways to maximize your home’s existing space, and optimize functionality.

Is there an attic or basement that can be converted to additional living space?  If so that is by far the lowest cost way to expand your home’s living space.

Consider underutilized spaces that don’t get much use.  Even if it’s a guest bedroom, which may be needed at some point in the future but doesn’t get used the rest of the time.  This can be repurposed to be a room and an office, or hobby room, or even a theater.  Use furniture that can have a double use, like a sofa that is also a bed, or a hobby table that is also an entertainment center.

Another way to make the most of existing rooms is to remove interior walls.  This is an ideal technique for creating an open floor plan for the most utilized areas of the home.  Even with the cost of added support beams, or patching in floors and ceilings, it’s still is a fraction of the cost of an addition.

Better efficiency within your existing floorplan, by reconfiguring the traffic flow, can yield the needed extra space for the amenities you want to add.

Home Remodel - Basement

The key to home remodel is to forget everything about your existing house and just look at it’s raw footprint, then determine how best to utilize that space.

If you are considering home remodel, and want to get some ideas on letting in natural light, or even add windows or doors where none exist, give us a call!  We’ve seen great home remodel additions that have increased the ambiance, and energy efficiency of existing homes.