Love Your New Casement Windows

Replacing sliding windows or picture windows with casement windows bend or, adds energy efficiency and stylish ventilation.

There is a myth that casement windows are more expensive that other windows.  In actual fact the prices on most styles and materials of casements are just the opposite.  Especially for the quality and durability of these stylish windows, they are one of the most reasonably priced replacement windows you can find.

Since casement windows bend or are hung vertically, they can be hinged from the left or the right side of the frame.  This allows convenient option to maximize certain spaces, especially those in high traffic areas.  You don’t want to place a casement window along a narrow pathway where an open window can be a hazard to those walking by.

Although most often casement windows are preferred to open outwards, there are some situations where the windows should open inward.

That would be mostly in apartment buildings, or high rising buildings, where safety is a concern.  Casement windows that open outward generally always have the screen on the inside of the window.  Windows that open inward will have the screen on the outside.

In areas where energy efficiency is a top concern, casement windows earn the highest favor. Due to the sash of the casement window, when closed, forms a complete seal around the window frame.  This eliminates air and moisture leakage passing from the outside to the inside.  They also have quite a simple construction, and perhaps that lends to the fact that they last the longest of most types of replacement windows.

Besides all these factors in favor of casement windows bend or, they are also quite sleek and stylish. They have grown in popularity especially with builders and architects, fitting nicely into their unique home designs.