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Old Man Winter is coming – Do you leave your screens in the windows?

For most of us winter in Central Oregon is such a welcome sight, but it does come with the caveat.  No longer being able to open our windows to let in the fresh air.   As you prepare to do the weatherization around your home, you may be wondering if you should remove your screens or not.  For other regions of Oregon the decision to remove them is more a matter of preference but for Central Oregon, screen removal is recommended.  With the extreme weather and rapid switch from cold to more temperate weather your screens will take the brunt of the pendulum swing and in turn shorten the longevity and structure of the screens.    When the snow and ice collects on the screens it can cause damage and sagging to the screens.  We recommend you take them out and store them for the winter.  This will give you the chance to clean your windowsills and the exterior of your windows as well.

Screens do a great job deflect direct sunlight into the home by %30 which is great for the summer!  When you remove them for the winter you benefit from the extra sunlight coming into your home by the same %30 percent.  This is free solar heat!

When spring returns it’s a great time to get the screens out of storage, clean them off with some water and a brush, check for damage and make the necessary repairs and return them to the windows for the summer & enjoy.

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