Prepare Your Home for Fall and Winter with These Tips

With the return of school, chilly weather and earlier sunsets, it’s definitely fall in Bend, Oregon. While we may see a resurgence of summer here and again throughout September, it’s safe to assume that autumn is upon us. With the return of fall, it’s got us thinking about preparing our homes for fall and winter. With a dramatic difference in temperature and precipitation from summer to winter in Central Oregon, it’s important to prepare your home for the changing of the seasons.

  1. Remove air conditioners and store for the winter. If you haven’t already, it’s time to remove air conditioners from windows and store them for the season. Remember to unplug air conditioners and remove dust before moving to storage.
  2. Remove temporary screen doors and store. While some screen doors are permanent fixtures in many homes, others take screen doors on and off with the seasons. Many landlords remove screen doors after the summer and store them safely for use the next year.
  3. Check for drafts. In order to stay warm this winter, reduce energy consumption and lower heating bills, check your windows and doors for drafts. If you find any, deal them to prevent any drafts from freezing you out this fall and winter.
  4. Install storm windows. Whether you’re starting over fresh with brand new storm windows, or replacing removable screens with the change of seasons, now is the time to install them. Storm windows help protect your home from the elements, which is especially useful during Central Oregon’s snowy winters.
  5. Inspect external doors. Do your external doors, including garage door, close tightly? Fall is the perfect time to install weather-stripping and door thresholds if needed.
  6. Wash interior and exterior windows. Summer in Central Oregon can be hard on windows, especially considering all of the pollen that can stick to every surface imaginable. Give your windows a fresh cleaning for fall and get rid of all of the dirt and pollen that has accumulated over the spring and summer.

When you clean your home efficiently and prepare your windows and doors for fall and winter in Central Oregon, you’re giving yourself a leg up on potential storms, energy bills and unexpected damage.