Preparing Windows and Doors for Spring in Central Oregon

While it’s important to winterize your windows and doors, it’s also essential for the upkeep of your home to prepare them for spring and summer. Cold winters in Central Oregon may cause windows and doors to separate from their frames, which can be remedied with silicone caulking or sealant. By inspecting windows and doors now, you’ll be prepared both for summer and for unexpected late spring storms that have been known to hit our area occasionally.

Inspecting Windows and Doors

Inspecting the windows and doors in your home is the first step to preparing your house for spring and summer weather.

  • Inspect windows, doors and any other opening to the house for signs of separation from frames. This can be usually be fixed with silicone caulking or sealant. In extreme cases, you may need to contact your friendly windows and doors specialists to fix the problem.
  • Check insulation around windows and doors to make sure they will keep warm air out.
  • Ensure there is no cracking, splitting or peeling around window seals.
  • Make sure weather stripping is still intact and there is a good seal around the door.
  • Dirt and mold can build up over the course of the winter creating a film on windows. Use a hose to pressure wash the exterior windows of your home.
  • Inspect windows to make sure no drafts come in. In the winter, windows and doors are used to keep warm are in, but in the summer they keep it out. Drafty windows and doors can work against your warm air goals, both in the winter and summer.
  • Clean interior windows to let in all of that warm and beautiful sunshine. A deep spring cleaning of windows will refresh your home for the new season.

Now that the snow has melted and the ice is gone, spring is the perfect time to replace old, drafty windows and doors. After thoroughly inspecting your home’s windows and doors, contact Great Northern Window and Door for more information about the options we have available.