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Great Northern has the knowledge and professional installers to help with your window service and repair.  Problem Solved.

  • Do you have moisture between your panes?
  •  Broken balancers?
  •  Broken glass?
  •  Are your windows drafty?
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Most people are unaware that windows with broken glass, broken balancers, moisture between the panes or that are drafty, can be fixed. We will come to your home or business right away. We can repair or service your window on the spot, or give you a free estimate on the cost of your replacement parts and service.  Our in-home consultations are always free.

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Great Northern Window and Door has been providing Window Service and Repair for over 20-years.

Broken Seals | Balancers | Glass Replacement | Sliding Glass Door Repairs

Not everybody wants to replace an entire window unless it’s absolutely necessary, so we do what we can to help our customers with window service and repair.

Since we’ve been in the industry for many years, we have expanded in our knowledge of various window and door problems.  Since double paned windows are the new thing for energy efficiency, there are some issues that come along with that.  Sometimes these sealed glass units can get a leak, and when all the argon gas leaks out, other things make their way in.  Moisture can get between the panes and create an environment for mold and mildew.


In most cases the glass unit can be removed and a new one put back in the frame.

This obviously saves money, and is much faster and simpler than replacing the whole window. The best frames for glass replacement are vinyl, wood, and fiberglass.  Aluminum framed windows are a little more tricky when just replacing the glass unit.

Other window service and repair issues include broken balancers.

You know you have a balancer issue when your window won’t open or close easily or at all.  Balancers are located in the frame of the window, and their purpose is to counter balance the weight of the window.  This makes for ease in opening and closing the window.  Our experts at Great Northern have the knowledge and capability to fix these for you.

Milgard Windows & Doors


If you have a window with a Milgard Warranty, you can submit your Milgard service request here.  If you’re not sure, we will be happy to assist you at any point.

Contact a Great Northern Trusted Advisor to get started.  In-Home Consultations are Free!

If you know you have a Balancer issue, we have included a video for you to view.

Here we have included a video on Sliding Window Maintenance.