Should I Buy Custom Windows for My Home?

Whether building a new home for you and your family, or replacing windows in your current home, the question often arises, “Should I buy custom windows?” Depending on your circumstances and a variety of other factors, custom windows may be the best choice for you over the traditional stock options.

Advantages of Custom Windows

Custom windows have many advantages, which start from the ground up. Custom windows are built by a craftsman that specializes in the manufacturing of these windows. When you choose to have custom windows built for your home, you can enjoy the many advantages, including:

  • Options for noise control
  • Security functions
  • Decorative options such as patterned glass
  • Various degrees of tinting and glazing available
  • Built to your specifications and design
  • Reduces drafts and heat loss because they are custom fitter to your home
  • Increase overall energy efficiency of your home
  • Reduce energy and hearing costs
  • Carefully made to exact needs of your climate
  • Qualify for certain tax rebates

While stock windows come in predetermined sizes, many builders use these for traditionally sized openings. If your home has irregular window openings, custom windows may be a more efficient choice, rather than paying to have a window opening made bigger or smaller to properly fit stock windows. In this instance, the potential savings you were hoping for with buying stock windows could dissipate.

Making the Right Choice

When it comes to making the choice between stock and custom windows, it’s best to consult with a window professional before making a purchasing decision. A professional can help you assess your home’s window openings, along with your design and energy considerations. By taking these factors into consideration with your budget, you can make the right choice when it comes to buying stock or custom windows for your home.

Trying to decide between custom or stock windows for your home? Let the professionals at Great Northern Window and Door help you decide which is the best option for your home and budget. Call us today to schedule your window replacement consultation.