Tips for Winter Window Preparation in Bend

As the leaves start to fall from the trees in Drake Park and all over Bend, it reminds us that winter is coming. That brisk breeze that blows past hints at cooler weather coming and sooner rather than later snow will be on the horizon. Now is the time to start thinking about winter window preparation in Central Oregon and all over the Pacific Northwest.

Winter window preparation helps homeowners and renters identify draft problems and adds an extra layer of insulation to keep you warm all through the Central Oregon winter. Sealing off your home as well as possible will cut down on heating costs, which tend to rise in the winter months. And in Central Oregon, we know the winter months can span well beyond December, January and February.

Winter Window Preparation Tips

Check Window Panes

Checking the window panes of your storm windows for cracks helps identify what needs replacement. Replace any window panes that are significantly damaged. Cracks let in cool air in the winter, which will cost you more in heating costs throughout the season.

Have Storm Windows Installed

Storm windows help insulate your home. Once temperatures dip below the point where you plan on opening them, have Great Northern Window and Door install your storm windows. These windows are designed to withstand extreme weather and keep cold out more effectively.

Lock Windows

Make sure all of your windows are shut and locked before trying to identify drafts.

Search for Drafts and Fill Them In

It’s best to try to identify potential drafts on a windy night, or at least when it’s particularly cold. Living in Central Oregon, these nights come all too often, so this shouldn’t be an issue. Run the back of your hand along the edges of your windows in order to find any drafts. Mark these as you go. Mild drafts can usually be filled in with insulation tape, foam or caulk.

Hang the Right Curtains

Hanging heavily insulated curtains around your home can help stop drafts from entering your home. Choose darkly colored, thickly lined curtains to help absorb sunlight. These types of curtains help insulate your home and shave some money off of your utility bill.

The best source of insulation for your home comes from storm windows or brand-new double or triple pane windows that are properly installed. Contact Great Northern Window and Door for more information about winterizing your current windows or about replacing them with new ones before the cold Central Oregon window sets in.