Use the Patio Pet Door System to Convert Your Sliding Glass Door

At Great Northern, we carry and install the Patio Pet Door conversion system, which is custom built to fit your door. We recommend the Patio Pet Door system, as it converts your existing patio or glass door into an energy efficient pet door without sacrificing space in your slider. Installing a sliding glass door insert works as a pet door, but decreases the amount of space in the slider, which doesn’t make it the most convenient alternative.

The Patio Pet Door system uses your current sliding glass door and replaces the glass in the sliding section. The Patio Pet Door system measures and installs like a normal insulated glass replacement and comes fully assembled. The frame is built to the same height, width and thickness as the existing glass, but replaces it with a quality pet door and new tempered double pane glass pre-installed.

Benefits of the Patio Pet Door Conversion System

  • Replaces the glass within your current sliding glass door
  • Reversible – The old glass can be reinstalled if the homeowner no longer has a pet or if the home is sold
  • Custom built for each door
  • Small, medium, large and extra large pet door sizes available to fit most cats and dogs
  • Allows the sliding glass door and screen to slide, lock and function the same
  • Weather stripping still lines up and seals properly
  • Energy efficient
  • Two pet doors to choose from – Pet Safe Classic or Endura Flap by Patio Pacific

The greatest benefit of having the Patio Pet Door conversion system installed by Great Northern is maintaining full functionality of your sliding glass door, while allowing your pet to come and go with ease. Often with pet door inserts you lose the locking functionality. By choosing the Patio Pet Door system you maintain control of your locks and safety for your home.

Turn your sliding glass door in an energy efficient and convenient access route for your cats and dogs in Central Oregon by installing a custom Patio Pet Door conversion system. Contact Great Northern Window and Door for more information about the Patio Pet Door system or to get started on your custom designed pet door.