When is the Best Time to Replace Windows?

Whether you just purchased your first home and are planning your improvement projects for the year, or you’ve been in your home a while and know it’s soon going to be time to replace windows, you may be wondering when is the best time. The truth of the matter is, when you hire professionals, like those at Great Northern Window and Door, window replacement can be done any time throughout the year.

When to replace windows depends heavily on your needs and schedule; however, there are benefits to choosing one season over another.

Choosing When to Replace Windows By Season


As the snow melts and temperatures rise in Central Oregon, so does the demand for window installation. This could be mean your window installer has a busier schedule than in the winter, setting back the time for replacement window installation.


During the summer months, heat and humidity can present challenges for window installers, but the most professional, like Great Northern Window and Door, know how to complete any job without a hitch. One issue to be aware of in the summer is that insects could enter your home during the installation process. With the presence of insects in the summertime, this is something to think about when considering when to replace windows.


While is the end of the busy season for many installers, it’s a great time to have windows replaced with the upcoming winter season. In the winter, you’ll be sure to notice air leaks from windows, as drafts of cold air are more prevalent, which can also lead to a drastic hike in your heating bills. Replacing windows with new, tight windows in the fall can make for a more pleasant, draft-free winter.


Choosing to replace windows in the winter is possible, but has some limitations. Cold, damp weather typical of Central Oregon can present challenges. It’s possible if you choose to replace windows in the winter that you may have to reschedule your installation due to weather, but could also result in cost savings for you. Weather can be a deterring factor for individuals hoping to replace windows in the winter, but as the slow time of year this could result in good deals and a sooner, rather than later, installation date.

No matter when you choose to replace windows in Central Oregon, Great Northern Window and Door has the professional experience to tackle any window installation situation or season. Contact Great North Window and Door for more information about replacement window installation in Central Oregon year round.