When to Consider Buying a New Front Entry Door

Sometimes the time to consider buying a new front entry door whacks you between the eyes. It’s unavoidable. Noticeably broken doors and extreme drafts provide clear signs that it’s time to buy a new front entry door. But what other considerations factor into the time to buy a new front entry door?

Curb Appeal

When driving up to someone’s home, one of the first things people tend to notice is the entry door. Front entry doors provide curb appeal and are the first introduction people have to your home. Aesthetics often drive the need to purchase and install a new front entry door. Whether personalizing your home with a design you love or increasing curb appeal when listing your home for sale, the look and feel of a new entry door may sway your decision on when to buy.


Your front entry door is your first line of defense in protecting your family from potential intruders. With your family’s security in mind, things like broken locks will affect your decision on when to buy a new entry door. When you decide to replace your entry door, consider door material, thickness and lock options. If you have to slam your door in order to get it to lock, odds are it’s time to think about the security of your home and family and replace it.


Living in a high desert climate, it’s important to ensure your front entry door meets the weather standards of the area. If your home often feels drafty and cold in the winter months, it may be time to invest in a new front entry door. By replacing your entry door you’ll benefit from better energy efficiency and you’ll avoid those cold drafts that drive up heating costs. In the summer, having a secure entry door will keep the warm air out and the cool air in. Remember to consider weather stripping and insulation when choosing a new entry door.

Where to Buy a New Front Entry Door

After you’ve decided when to buy a new front entry door, you need to consider who you’re going to buy it from. Great Northern Window and Door offers Bend’s best selection of front entry doors and provides expert installation. Contact Great Northern for more information about when you should buy a new front entry door.